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GC Autosampler Syringes

Agilent Blue Line Syringe

GC Autosampler Syringes

Agilent offer two major lines for Gas Chromatography (GC) syringes: the Agilent Blue Line & Gold Standard.

Agilent's premium, Blue Line GC autosampler syringes are specifically designed to support Agilent's 7693A automatic liquid sampler (ALS). The plunger's precise alignment with the 7693A ALS' stroking mechanism improves injection accuracy and plunger longevity. A superior needle finish reduces septum coring and wear. The Blue Line’s unique removable needle (RN) design provides minimal dead-volume, offering performance comparable to fixed needle (FN) options. Agilent strongly recommends Blue Line ALS Syringes when analyzing trace samples and mass spectrometry applications.

Agilent’s Gold Standard syringes are a versatile and economical choice suitable for general applications, with options available for Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Thermo, & Varian/Bruker GC Systems.

Agilent offer a wide array of needle and plunger configurations, including fitted and gas-tight syringe selections for both featured product lines. For help choosing the right GC syringe for your application, check out our syringe selection tool below.

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