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Achieve Accurate & Precise Sample Injection with Agilent Analytical Syringes & Needles

Chromatography syringes & needles are a critical component of the sample flow-path, transporting the sample between the storage vial and the instrument inlet. Maintaining consistent injection volumes with limited carryover and discrimination are crucial for success.

Agilent offers a wide selection of chromatography syringes and replacement needles for a variety of different sample matrices and phases, all designed specifically for use with Agilent instrumentation. Our analytical syringes & replacement needles can predictably deliver accurate and precise sample volumes into the mobile phase for proper sample introduction onto the analytical column, while withstanding potentially harsh chemical and temperature interactions. For more help choosing the right syringe for your application, check out our syringe selection tool below.

Chromatography Syringes & Needles

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