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Agilent Autosampler Syringe and Needles for GC, LC, & Sample Prep

Often more effective & reliable than manual injection, autosamplers are highly efficient sample introduction systems and necessary for high-throughput analysis. Selection of a high-quality autosampler syringe & its compatible autosampler needle can have a significant impact on the accuracy and reproducibility of analytical results.

The Agilent 7673, 7683, 7693A, and 6850 GC Autosamplers feature an interchangeable syringe design. Agilent GC ALS syringes feature a specialized plunger-head that aligns with samplers stroking mechanism to improve injection accuracy and improve plunger longevity compared to more conventional plunger-button designs. For Agilent GC Autosamplers, Agilent offers two major autosampler syringe product lines: the Agilent Blue Line & Gold Standard. Each with a wide variety of formats available to choose from, including gas-tight and fitted syringe plunger options

The Agilent Infinity I & II HPLC’s Multi Sampler & Vial Sampler, by comparison, features a fixed autosampler needle design, improving instrument efficiency and reducing maintenance frequency.

Through its CrossLab program, Agilent also offers numerous consumables for competitive instruments to help better integrate lab-wide resource management, helping laboratories operate more effectively and efficiently.

Autosampler Syringes & Needles

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