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OpenLab CDS versions 2.6 and higher now includes tools that automate migration from OpenLab EZChrom1. The automated process reduces cost and downtime when switching to OpenLab CDS by enabling you to reuse your existing methods. You won’t have to recreate methods so results obtained yesterday can be compared to those obtained today.

Key features support a smooth transition to OpenLab CDS

  • Efficient import of result sets

    Import result sets and methods into the OpenLab CDS format.

  • Expanded import of methods and result sets

    • Migrate results sets, methods, sample prep files, sequences, and report templates.
    • Migrate only the files you need – either by project, groups, or date range.
    • Scale integration event parameters in migrated methods that can be used in OpenLab CDS.
    • Signal names in migrated methods follow the OpenLab CDS naming convention so additional setup is not required.
    • External Standard values are scaled in migrated methods so calibration curves can be re-used in OpenLab CDS.
    • Manual Response factors are scaled in migrated methods so they can be re-used in OpenLab CDS.
  • Automatic method import upon opening a result set in data analysis

    With just a few easy steps, locate the method associated with the open result set and convert it to the OpenLab CDS format.

  • Cross project file open

    Work within one project and browse to a different project to simplify creation of OpenLab CDS result sets and methods.

  • Data transfer

    • Know how long the transfer will take with file size and time indicator.
    • Transfer files into OpenLab CDS using unique folder group.
    • View logs and reports about the data transfer.

Ready to make the switch?

FAQs and considerations

What versions of OpenLab EZChrom and OpenLab CDS does the migration tool support?

The migration tool supports moving data from OpenLab EZChrom Client/Server version A.04.03 and later to a OpenLab CDS Client/Server configuration version 2.6 and later.

Do I need to move all my data with the migration tool?

No. You can move data by project, group, or by acquisition date.

Can I get result equivalency between EZChrom and OpenLab CDS?

Yes. There is a white paper that will be published soon that describes this.

I have a calibration curve from EZChrom. Can I reuse this in OpenLab CDS?


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1Automated migration tools are supported in OpenLab EZChrom file-based systems only and have not been tested for workstations.