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1260 Infinity II Hybrid Multisampler

One HPLC autosampler with two injection modes

1260 Infinity II Hybrid Multisampler

The 1260 Infinity II Hybrid Multisampler is an HPLC autosampler that offers both classical flow-through injection and Agilent Feed Injection modes. In classical flow-through mode, the mobile phase delivered by the HPLC pump flows through the loaded sample loop. In Feed Injection mode, sample is infused continuously into the mobile phase stream.

For samples with strong solvent, for example after QuEChERS sample preparation in food analysis, sample solvent effect is a challenge that leads to peak break through and poor peak shapes, especially as injection volumes increase. Agilent Feed Injection can mediate the strong sample solvent effect by mixing sample and mobile phase directly at injection to improve peak shapes and sensitivity. By applying Feed Injection mode, there is no need for extra sample preparation, and the perfect peak shapes enable easy peak integration.

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