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Glycobiology Standards and Libraries for N-Glycan Analysis

An extensive range of AdvanceBio N-glycan standards and libraries are available for analysis of biotherapeutic glycoproteins. Choose labeled or unlabeled standards. Use N-glycan standards for liquid chromatography (LC) and capillary electrophoresis separations with fluorescence or mass spectrometry (MS) detection. Standards and libraries available pre-labeled with InstantPC, 2-AB, 2-AA, InstantAB, and APTS. Characterize your samples with confidence using highly purified glycan standards. Glycoprotein and N-glycan libraries are available together for use as system suitability or sample preparation verification standards.

Glycobiology Standards & Libraries

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Bio HPLC Columns eSelector Tools

Intuitive process to help you select the right chromatography column for your biopharmaceutical applications.

Preparative HPLC Scaling Calculator

Scale between analytical and prep methods; calculate column capacity, # of injections, run time & mobile phase use.

Oligonucleotide Virtual Lab

Explore proven methods and resources to help advance analysis for the broad range of oligonucleotide workflows.

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N-Glycan Analysis: Better Together

Push your Glycoprotein analysis to new levels of performance.

Glycan Standard Structures

Catalog of glycan standards and libraries, complete with quick links to easily get more details for each online.

Agilent Biocolumns - Critical Quality Attributes - Application Compendium

Critical Quality Attributes application compendium

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Agilent Launches New AdvanceBio Spin Columns For Desalting and Buffer Exchange

AdvanceBio Spin Columns address the need for efficient sample preparation of proteins or oligonucleotides under aqueous conditions, preserving native structure with suitable ionic strength and pH. Users can easily and quickly remove excess salts or undesired small molecules from their sample matrix or exchange the sample matrix between different buffer conditions. These gel-filtration-based spin columns are available in analytical and semipreparative scale columns for single samples, as well as 96-sample plates for high-throughput settings.

Agilent Launches New Tool To Identify InstantPC or 2AB N-glycan Peaks

The free Glycan Peak Assignment Tool was designed to provide additional confidence in identifying InstantPC or 2AB N-glycan peaks by predicted retention times of over 100 glycans. The new tool does not require users to upload sensitive data from N-glycan samples.

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