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AdvanceBio Spin Columns

AdvanceBio Spin Columns and 96-Sample Plate

AdvanceBio Spin Columns

AdvanceBio Spin columns are designed for efficient sample preparation of proteins or oligonucleotides under aqueous conditions, preserving native structure with suitable ionic strength and pH. Excess salt or otherwise incompatible small molecule matrix components may interfere with sample analysis, leading to poor, confusing, or inaccurate results. With AdvanceBio Spin columns and plates, users can easily and quickly remove excess salts or undesired small molecules from their sample matrix or exchange the sample matrix between different buffer conditions.

These gel-filtration-based spin columns are available in analytical scale and semipreparative scale columns for single samples, as well as 96-sample plates for high-throughput settings. The column bed contains the same crosslinked dextran particles in all three formats, so users can easily scale up or down in sample number or volume.

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