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Be Agilent Sure in Biopharmaceutical Discovery, Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control

Developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals remains costly and difficult. You must stay abreast of advances in technology, while having to navigate a global maze of shifting government regulations. At every stage—disease research, drug development, quality control, manufacturing—Agilent can provide you with the analytical answer you need, so you can make the right choices to bring your biotherapeutics to the market successfully.

We understand that big decisions are often made from small data. You can count on Agilent to continually advance the state of the art for unambiguously identifying and validating protein biomarkers and in the discovery, identification, characterization, and quantitation of proteins or antibodies. We have the instruments you need to capture the essential information you need to be confident.

All pharmaceuticals must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and effective, and products derived from biotechnology require even more sophisticated analytical procedures. You need to detect a complex pattern of product- and process-related impurities and any number of conformational changes such as intricate post-translational modifications, aggregation, and/or adsorption. Rest assured that Agilent provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for biopharma manufacturing and quality control.

From sample preparation to data analysis, we demonstrate how to obtain the answer fast using Agilent’s analytical instruments, automation products, bio-inert systems, columns, and reagents, along with extensive data-processing and reporting software to support regulatory compliance and QbD.

Rest assured with Agilent reliability

Product robustness and reliability, together with trusted service, provide peace of mind when you choose Agilent. We can help you streamline your analysis and speed your new biologic candidates through the approval process.

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