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Move your new biologic candidates faster towards approval process

The number of approved biotherapeutics based on proteins and antibodies continues to grow around the world, as this important class of treatment addresses unmet medical needs. Discovering and developing biopharmaceuticals remains costly and difficult. You are challenged to stay abreast of advances in separation sciences and continued improvements in technology, while constantly having to navigate a Global maze of ever-shifting government regulations.

Being confident about your analytical data and making accurate decisions fast is critical.

At every stage in the process, from disease research to quality control and manufacturing, Agilent can help you make the right choices for bringing therapeutics successfully to the market. It’s not enough that Agilent builds reliable instruments, you need analytical solutions that provide accurate and reproducible results. Agilent understands the biopharmaceutical workflows and has sample-to-data solutions that work seamlessly together. As analytical engines of research, discovery, and development Agilent can help you move new biologic candidates faster towards the approval process.

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