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Mine Safety

Mine Safety

Effectively Monitor Air Quality to Ensure Mine Safety

Ensuring the safety of underground miners and equipment operators is a vitally important issue, and relies on a comprehensive approach to air quality monitoring. The wide array of hazardous gases that may be present within underground mine environments, combined with the nature of prospecting, excavation and material extraction work, can present significant threats to both miners and machinery alike.

To counter these threats, fast and reliable on-site air analyses are required. There are two main areas in which effective air quality and safety monitoring are essential; the day-to-day analysis of operating quality and ensuring the safety of a mine (or area of a mine) following an accident of any sort.

Agilent's 490 Micro GC has been developed to provide laboratory level air monitoring capability in the field. The compact and rugged design of the equipment ensures it remains fully operational in even the harshest underground mine environments and easy setup and intuitive operation mean that fast, accurate and efficient analysis is possible very quickly.

The 490 Micro GC is equipped with four independent column channels to provide on-site analysis of multiple mine gases (including helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, ethane, and ethylene) and can start collecting data in less than 2 minutes. Minimal training is needed as the instrument is controlled using a powerful and user-friendly software system.