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Agilent Technologies offers innovative, reliable analytical solutions, including consumable products, instrumentation and support; assisting you in consistently and cost-effectively delivering the highest quality finished products and materials. With our comprehensive line of instruments for the materials testing and research market, we provide you the ability to identify the nature and source of undesired odors in finished goods, characterize microcrystalline irregularities in composites and quantify trace impurities in metal alloys. Quality, reliable results are built into every Agilent instrument and is the key to our success in the field. Our global team of experts will work with you to create the most flexible, productive and profitable solution for your lab.

Consumer Products

Reliable and Sensitive Detection of Harmful Contaminants in Products and Packaging

Glass, Ceramics & Optics

Flexibility and Economy in Glass, Ceramics and Coatings Analysis

Materials Research & Development

Efficient and Flexible Analysis for Materials Testing and Research

Polymers, Composites & Plastics

Increase Confidence in Composition and Performance with Reliable and Robust Analysis

Polymers & Plastics
Product Quality & Defect Analysis