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Reliable, Robust and Sensitive Solutions for Metals Analysis

Precise analysis and rapid sample turnaround times are essential for mineral processors and geologists. In a competitive global environment, geochemical laboratories are challenged with analyzing an increasing sample load within lower and lower detection limits, as well as managing interferences due to ascertaining quantities of valuable metals in decreasing sampling amounts.

To meet these challenges, Agilent offers a range of flexible, accurate and robust systems that are pushing the boundaries of sensitive metals analysis. Analysis of Rare Earth Element impurities is accomplished with the groundbreaking triple quadrupole 8800 ICP-MS System. ICP-OES and MP-AES technologies deliver high speed results for ore grade precious metals and base metal analysis.

In addition, high throughput sampling of challenging geochemical digests are analyzed using a robust sample introduction system; a multipurpose nebulizer (Agilent OneNeb) and Agilent’s Micro GC System provides unprecedented capability for on-site monitoring, with fast, accurate and sensitive information about the environment.