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Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Protecting Employees Through Efficient Workplace Drug Testing

Maintaining compliance and ensuring that businesses and their employees are fully protected often demands rigorous and ongoing drug testing in a number of sectors, particularly in high-risk jobs, or roles with a public safety focus. In addition, non legally-regulated testing can also impact on insurance costs or other forms of employee protection, and should be approached equally robust methods.

Agilent provides a range of SAMHSA-compliant urine testing solutions that include application toolboxes containing pre-validated methods by certified collaborators. Our LC/QQQ instruments available also include SOP with sample prep to ensure testing efficiency, and feature custom training and reporting templates, and a range of consumables for enhanced, flexible performance.

For non-regulated urine testing (tests that are not mandated by law but may be essential for insurance requirements or to meet other health and safety concerns) we also provide instrumentation to fit a range of specifications. Our solutions have been developed in collaboration with the Criminalistics Division of NMS Labs and we have also focused on "designer drugs", substances developed specifically to thwart drug laws, usually by modifying the molecular structure of existing drugs.

We provide detailed procedures for sample preparation and GC/MS methods to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We have also developed the industry’s first GC/MS compendium to test for synthetic cannabinoids (commonly found in “herbal incense” blends) and provide access to a searchable MS library of 35 synthetic cannabinoids and derivatives.

We also offer alternative matrix testing instruments that push the limits of sensitivity and selectivity. Our solutions operate at the challenging limits of hair and oral fluid that laboratories demand, and meet the Federal Guidelines for THC. Our GC/MSD with Deans Switches provides a cost-efficient “gateway” to alternative matrix analysis while the GC/MS Triple Quadrupole offers sub-picogram sensitivity, MS/MS selectivity, and minimal sample prep. In addition, the LC/MS Triple Quadrupole delivers high levels of efficiency for high-volume labs seeking faster sample prep methods.