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Forensics Sample Preparation

Forensics Sample Preparation

Accurately Detect, Identify And Quantify Compounds And Reduce Sample Interference

Sample preparation is often the first step in an analysis; the result of this step can affect the rest of the analytical process. You need a sample that is representative, reproducible, homogenous, and suitable for column injection or other assay. Agilent sample preparation products get your samples ready for analysis, giving you sample aliquots that are compatible with your separation and detection methods. Agilent Bond Elut SPE, Chem Elut, Plexa and Captiva are among the many well trusted names supported by years of usage and peer reviewed studies.

In addition to the highest quality sample preparation products, Agilent also produces a wide range of GC and LC columns essential to forensic toxicology applications, for example analysis of drugs and alcohol in bodily fluids, among others.

Whether you are testing blood, urine, oral fluids, and other biological materials, illicit or prescription drug samples, foods, or other substances, Agilent provides relevant products that can help you achieve your analytical goals on time, and on budget.

Explore all of Agilent's Forensic Sample Prep, Columns and Supplies options and applications through the new downloadable compendium: Proven Approaches for Today's Forensic Toxicology Challenges (For Forensic Use only).