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Accuracy and Reliability to The Nanoscale

Polymers are used across industry in an ever widening set of products and subassemblies. As synthesized materials, their properties, performance and longevity are directly related to achieving proper composition and structure. These materials have finite lifetimes, which are directly related to environmental affects, additives and stabilizers and overall usage.

When accuracy and reliability in measuring the quality and chemical composition of plastics and polymers is critical to your success, choose Agilent. By providing industry leading technologies and instruments like GPC/SEC, FTIR mobile, bench and microscopy systems and Polymer Grade GC Analyzers, we provide you with powerful tools for detailed polymer characterization. Agilent also offers a new FTIR analyzer, the 4500 Polymer ID Package, which enables analysts to determine in seconds the chemical composition of a polymer and meets the critical need to screen for banned or restricted phthalates.
Featured Application Notes

A new approach to sample preparation free micro ATR FTIR chemical imaging of polymer laminates

Biodegradable polymers – analysis of biodegradable polymers by GPC/SEC

Featured Literature

Analysis of Polymers by GPC/SEC – Energy & Chemicals Applications

Analysis of polymers by GPC for the energy and chemicals industry. Covers polyolefins, guar gums, engineering polymers, elastomers, and low molecular weight resins.


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Agilent CrossLab is a comprehensive, coordinated method of providing services, supplies and software that dramatically improves laboratory efficiency and productivity. But even more, Agilent CrossLab is your pipeline to a global team of scientific and technical experts who deliver vital, actionable insights at every level of the lab environment.
Take advantage of Agilent CrossLab services to achieve reliable results and maximum instrument uptime, and ultimately drive improved economic, operational and scientific outcomes. 
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