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How to keep your lab software current and why it’s important

Software Upgrades Simplified - Recognize the challenges and navigate the transition
Why should I update my lab software?

The longer you’re running outdated software in your laboratory, the more likely you are to experience a data breach, data loss, or a system crash. In fact:

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If more than half of your workstations have an out-of-date OS, your odds of a breach triple.1

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The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. (for lost business) is $4.2 million.2

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Ransomware attacks will occur every 11 seconds by 2021.3

You don’t want your lab to become a statistic, but you also have deadlines to meet and want to minimize downtime associated with upgrading software.

What do you need to consider to manage the transition efficiently and what tools are available to make the process as easy as possible? Listen to the following podcasts for answers to these questions and more.

Get expert advice

Windows 7 went out of mainstream support in January 2020. If you have not migrated to Windows 10 it’s not too late and you’re not alone. To help you plan and execute your transition we’ve interviewed experts from Agilent’s support team who have guided customers like you through upgrades. Watch all three episodes of the resulting podcast to arm yourself with the knowledge to develop a plan.

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Part 1: How do I plan?

The speakers discuss migrating from Windows 7, the risks of running outdated software, and the importance of updating CDS software.

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Part 2: What is the right CDS moving forward?

The speakers discuss various upgrade options, and the capabilities of OpenLab CDS

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Part 3: How do I successfully move to the new supported version of Agilent CDS?

The speakers discuss considerations when migrating data to a new system and resources Agilent has to offer within Agilent Community.

Make the transition now to improve lab operations

If you haven’t yet made the move to update your software, this is the perfect time. We offer powerful tools, guidance, and services to support your migration.

Check out what's new in the latest version of OpenLab CDS

One lab’s story: Why staying current with technology in the lab is vital for your business

We have the services and tools you need to reduce costs and downtime.

Other considerations when working in a GxP environment

When updating your CDS software, you are required to qualify and validate the new software for intended use. Agilent offers a complete set of compliance services that make it easy, fast, and cost effective for you to move to the latest software. Explore services.