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Cell Analysis Video Library

Video Library

Videos explaining how the XF Technology works and how it is being used. Click on an image to view the video in full size.

Product Videos

  • Energy Pathways


    What We Measure

    2:06 min
  • Transient Microchamber


    How We Measure

    2:12 min
  • Compound Injection Ports

    Compound Injection

    Kinetic Measurements

    1:51 min
  • Seeding Cell Culture Microplates

    Seeding Cell Culture Microplates

    XF96 Analyzer

    2:20 min

JOVE Videos

  • Bioenergetics and the Oxidative Burst

    Bioenergetics and the Oxidative Burst
    11:40 min

  • glycolytic rate

    Measurement and Analysis of Extracellular Acid Production to Determine Glycolytic Rate

    6:47 min
  • metabolic characterization

    Metabolic Characterization of Polarized M1 and M2 Bone Marrow-derived Macrophages Using Real-time Extracellular Flux Analysis

    7:45 min
  • metabolic profile analysis

    Metabolic Profile Analysis of Zebrafish Embryos

    5:41 min
  • preparation and respirometric assessment

    Preparation and Respirometric Assessment of Mitochondria Isolated from Skeletal Muscle Tissue Obtained by Percutaneous Needle Biopsy

    11:27 min
  • profiling mitochondrial function.jpg

    Profiling Mitochondrial Function in C2C12 Myoblast Cells

    7:17 min
  • analysis of metabolic profile

    Real Time Analysis of Metabolic Profile in Ex Vivo Mouse Intestinal Crypt Organoid Cultures

    8:53 min
  • tudying pancreatic cancer stemcell

    Studying Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cell Characteristics for Developing New Treatment Strategies

    8:53 min
  • isolation of mitochondria

    Using Isolation of Mitochondria from Minimal Quantities of Mouse Skeletal Muscle for High Throughput Microplate Respiratory Measurements

    7:29 min

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