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GC Manual Syringes

GC Manual Syringes

Agilent GC manual syringes allow for standard split or splitless injection of sample directly into the GC inlet for vaporization. Our GC manual syringes are color-coded by volume (0.5 µL to 50 mL) for easy identification and are compatible with most manual injection valve configurations. Graduations are made clearly visible against the color-coded backing strip.

To avoid inlet discrimination of thermally unstable compounds, removeable needle µL syringes may be outfitted a specialized needle for direct on-column injection. These long, tapered needles are sized to fit within the inner diameter of the analytical column. They are also ideal for transferring liquids from ampoules or vials.

Our bevel tipped needle is preferred for GC manual injection due to its optimum septum penetration with minimal coring.

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