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Color-Coded Manual Syringes & Needles for GC & HPLC

Agilent's manual syringes & needles offer the precision and reliability necessary for efficient sample preparation, extraction, and injection by-hand for both liquid and gas-phase chromatography techniques. These microliter syringes are color-coded by volume denomination (0.5 µL to 50 mL) and feature an easy-to-read scale. Syringes are easily distinguishable from a distance, saving you time.

With a wide variety of needle configurations available, Agilent has options for all your sampling needs. Recommended for liquid sampling, available standard metal plungers are individually fitted to each glass barrel, ensuring a tight fit to limit loss of volatile sample. Alternatively, PTFE-tipped plunger microliter syringes, commonly known as gas-tight syringes, are ideal for highly volatile or gaseous samples, as well as samples with dirty matrices or chlorinated solvents. Although replaceable, plunger may require more frequent maintenance to maintain proper sealing.

Manual Syringes & Needles

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