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HPLC Manual Syringes

HPLC Manual Syringes

Agilent CrossLab HPLC manual syringes feature a blunted tip for direct HPLC injections as well as sample pipetting. The blunt tip has chamfered and polished edges to prevent damage to the LC injection valve’s rotor seal and stator face. Our HPLC manual syringes also have metallic back-flange with flattened sides, which can prevent syringes from rolling off the bench. These manual microsyringes are distinct and easy-to-read with graduations made clearly visible by a colored backing strip, differentiated by volume (0.5µL to 50 mL).

Together with HPLC manual syringes, Agilent also offers compatible HPLC needles. Our liquid chromatography needles are electropolished to ease injection and retraction force on the rotor valve, preserving the seals lifetime.

Each microsyringe comes with a Certificate of Conformance and eco-friendly packaging that doubles as a syringe stand. For more help choosing the right syringe for your application, check out our syringe selection tool below.

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