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HPLC Autosampler Syringes & Needles

Agilent offers a wide selection of CrossLab HPLC syringes to ensure accurate and effective sampling for HPLC analysis. Our HPLC autosampler syringes are compatible with competing legacy OEM autosamplers including the CTC PAL, Waters 717 & WISP ALS, Dionex WPS-3000 & ACC-3000, & Shimadzu SIL-10A/AF/10Ai.

Agilent also offer replacement HPLC needles & needle seat capillaries for all Agilent Infinity II autosamplers configurations & legacy HPLC autosamplers, including the original 1100 Infinity & HP G1811A XY ALS. Specific designs are available to achieve the best performance in any application area. HPLC needles should be routinely evaluated and replaced whenever worn or damaged to ensure complete sample transfer. Detailed maintenance and installation instructions are available on the Agilent Knowledge Portal.

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