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CTC Smart Autosampler Syringes

CTC Smart Autosampler Syringes

Agilent now offers smart syringes compatible with your PAL3 Autosampler! Each smart syringe is equipped with its own read/write chip that allow you to track critical parameters, such as the number of injections a specific syringe has made, the max temperature it’s experienced, and more! Furthermore, these smart syringes allow your PAL3 instrument to automatically recognize and upload these parameters, for efficient and detailed tracking.

For precise, effective, sample delivery from your CTC autosampler, Agilent has the right syringe for you. Whether you're performing liquid or headspace injections on your PAL3 autosampler, you'll find what you need among our wide range of syringes for CTC autosamplers.

For more information, please review the product flyer which can be found in the literature below.

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