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GC Replacement Needles

Gas chromatography needles should be regularly inspected for any slight imperfections or burrs that may cause incidental damage to the inlet septum resulting in premature coring and potential leaks. After repeated injections, septum particulate or sample residues may accumulate in the GC needle creating sources of potential carry-over or create back-pressure which may damage your GC syringe plunger or autosampler. Regular solvent washes may be used to help dissolve contaminating substances, although replacement may be required if the inner or outer diameter is suspected to be damage.

Originally designed for the legacy HP autosamplers, Agilent’s cone-tip GC autosampler syringe needles are ideal for automated sampling techniques. The conical design improves the longevity of both the GC needle and inlet septum.

All Agilent GC needles, and syringe plungers are manufactured with strict tolerances and intense quality standards. Our PTFE-tipped plungers are interchangeable and can be easily replaced as necessary. To maximize lifetime, minimize the use of a dry syringe and use compatible solvents. Avoid touching the tip of the plunger when exposed to mitigate contamination.

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