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Perform software verification tasks with Test Services for OpenLab CDS


Test Services is an automated verification tool for OpenLab CDS. It will confirm that the software is operating as intended by performing a series of software verification tasks.

Run Test Services after an update, OS change, or as a periodic system health check. The software executes the tests automatically and will generate reports that you can use as one part of your overall validation documentation. It works in client/server and workstation environments.

Agilent OpenLab
Test Services allows you to:
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Stay current with software updates:

Enable periodic installation of updates and upgrades to eliminate compatibility issues in the future.

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Maximize lab operations:

Automated processes help reduce the time instruments and users are offline.

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Reduce costs:

Employ regular updates to reduce or eliminate costly revalidation.

Available tests

Test Services is equipped with six tests that can be used as part of software verification. Select one or all of the tests and run them in parallel.

  • Software installation verification: Verifies integrity of installed Agilent Software binaries
  • System report: Simplifies identification of change by listing installed applications and patches and comparing it to the last report
  • Security test: Confirm password policies and role-based access enforcement and verifies activity logs
  • Workflow test: Execute a standard 18-line sequence and compare generated and expected values, confirming CDS workflow and algorithms
  • Connectivity test: Confirm network connectivity between Client, AIC and Server and connectivity to instruments
  • Storage test: Verifies storage system’s functionality for storing, securing, and maintaining files and folders.

Test Services is not intended to replace CrossLab compliance service ACE (Automated Compliance Engine) for new software installations. Learn more about CrossLab Compliance Services.

Designed with simplicity in mind
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For more information about Test Services and its compatibility with OpenLab CDS, contact your local Agilent representative, or visit the contact us page.