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Protein Expression Solutions

Agilent’s protein expression solutions provide a comprehensive line of competent cells, vectors, antibodies, antibiotics, transfection reagents, and specialty kits for protein expression and purification applications. Agilent competent cells for routine protein expression feature strains optimized for high transformation efficiencies. These strains provide easy induction and the highest levels of recombinant protein expression in E. coli. Agilent also offers a comprehensive collection of competent cells for difficult protein expression, including strains to solve expression difficulties such as toxic proteins, insoluble proteins, and codon bias. These competent cells also provide the highest levels of recombinant protein expression in E. coli. Agilent’s protein expression vectors and kits offer a large selection of products for any application you can imagine, from novel vectors for bacterial, mammalian, or yeast protein expression to our complete kits for path detection, inducible tagged expression, viral based gene delivery and expression, and purification to recover interacting proteins. Agilent protein expression transfection reagents & kits are optimized for efficient, rapid and simplified transfection of mammalian cells and include all necessary reagents and protocols. We offer a variety of reliable transfection reagents and kits to suit your specific transfection needs and optimized to your cell culture conditions. In addition, Agilent offers a selection of antibiotics and antibodies to use with our Protein Expression systems and kits.