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Transfection Reagents

Protein Expression Transfection Reagent & Kits

Protein Expression Transfection Reagent & Kits

Agilent protein expression transfection reagents & kits are optimized for efficient, rapid and simplified transfection of mammalian cells and include all necessary reagents and protocols. We offer a variety of reliable transfection reagents and kits to suit your specific transfection needs and optimized to your cell culture conditions. The GeneJammer Transfection Reagent is a proprietary formulation of novel polyamines ideal for transient or stable transfections in a wide variety of cell types. This transfection reagent is effective in both serum-containing medium and serum-free medium, offering high efficiencies with minimal cytotoxicity. The LipoTAXI mammalian transfection reagent contains a unique, low-toxicity lipid formulation that has been tested with over 30 cell lines and has been shown to achieve high efficiency transfections with a wide variety of cells, including both adherent cells and cells growing in suspension. The MBS Mammalian Transfection kit can increase your transfection efficiencies up to 100-fold and reduce assay time. The ViraPack Transfection Kit is based on a modified CaPO4 method of DNA transfection to introduce viral plasmids into HEK293 packaging cell lines with high efficiency.

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