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Protein Expression Purification

Protein Expression Purification

Agilent’s protein expression purification products include the original InterPlay Mammalian TAP System and the InterPlay Adenoviral TAP System, for the recovery of interacting proteins from mammalian cells. The InterPlay Mammalian TAP System allows you to recover interacting proteins from mammalian cells. The novel method is based on expression of a protein of interest fused to two affinity tags: a streptavidin binding peptide (SBP) and a calmodulin binding peptide (CBP). Tandem affinity purification yields your tagged protein and interacting proteins using gentle washing and small molecule elution conditions. You do not need protease digestion to recover interacting protein partners since SBP and CBP elute easily from their affinity resins, leaving your interacting proteins intact. The InterPlay Adenoviral TAP System combines our unique tandem affinity purification (TAP) system with our exclusive adenoviral gene delivery system, the AdEasy Adenoviral Vector System, for enhanced gene delivery to a broader range of mammalian cells, higher protein yields, and improved purification and analysis of endogenous interacting protein partners.

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