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Quiet Cover for LC/MS Pumps

Quiet Cover for LC/MS Pumps

An LC/MS Quiet Cover is an MS pump enclosure, or pump acoustic enclosure, designed to limit the noise produced by your LC/MS pump. The Agilent Quite Cover is a noise enclosure that contains pump noise inside a sound absorbing cabinet, with features designed to reduce vibration.

As well as reducing pump noise, the Agilent Quiet Cover provides a solution to the annoying, frequent maintenance of LC/MS rough pumps, such as the visual check of oil levels, oil changes, oil additions, and clean-up of oil leaks. The LC/MS pump cover uses fans to maintain the temperature within the cover and has an alert functionality if the temperature limit is exceeded. It is designed with castors and levers that make the pump easy to move and to maintain.

The Agilent Quiet Cover for LC/MS is compatible with rough pump models used in many laboratories.

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