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LC/MS Supplies & Consumables

LC/MS Supplies & Consumables

Maintain optimal mass spectrometer performance to meet your analytical workflow requirements. For targeted and non-targeted analysis, selectivity and sensitivity drive success in today’s analytical laboratory.

The Agilent range of LC/MS supplies and consumables includes high-quality LC/MS solvents and precision-engineered supplies and accessories to help preserve LC/MS performance for trace-level analysis.

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Agilent Launches InfinityLab LC/MS Solvents to Further Complement Their Offerings

Introducing Agilent's new LC/MS solvents. Designed for Agilent LC/MS instruments, these solvents ensure seamless integration. Contamination prevention is key for sample separation and instrument longevity. Trust InfinityLab LC/MS grade solvents for superior performance in analytical applications with Agilent InfinityLab equipment and columns.

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