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The Right Gas Chromatography (GC) System is Here

Agilent Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide proven reliability, high sample throughput, and Instrument Intelligence. They deliver excellent analytical performance and uptime with intelligent predictive technologies that help you avoid problems before they affect performance … and your bottom line … for consistently reliable results and low cost of ownership.

Our broad portfolio of benchtop, online, and portable GC instruments meets the needs of scientists involved in the analysis and testing of environmental, food, forensic, energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical samples, whether in the lab, in the field, or from remote locations.

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Featured Tools

GC Productivity Tools

Download method translation software plus calculators for vapor volume, pressure flow, solvent vent, and CFT.

Helium Conservation Cost Savings Calculator

See how much helium and money you could save using Gas Saver and a helium conservation module for nitrogen standby.

GC Firmware Update Utility

Update the firmware on current and older GC systems and accessories, such as autosamplers and headspace samplers.

Featured Literature

Your GC Productivity Roadmap

Get on the fast track to better outcomes with Agilent CrossLab new instrument services for GC and GCMS systems.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Agilent Smart GC and GC/MS Systems

Learn why you should upgrade to Agilent smart GC and GC/MS systems.

GC Intelligence: User-Guided Troubleshooting

An introduction to the GC instrument intelligence feature of troubleshooting

Agilent 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface: A Tutorial

An introduction to the 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface.

Featured Videos
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Featured News

eBook Showcases How Agilent GC and GC/MS Systems Can Help Labs Meet Their Sustainability Goals

Access infographics, ACT labels, ESG reports, videos and more to learn how Agilent keeps sustainability in mind during the entire instrument lifecycle, from design to decommissioning. We are dedicated to helping you lower your environmental impact while maintaining lab efficiency and productivity.

Primer - Agilent Solutions for the Lithium-Ion Battery Industry

Unclear where to begin your lithium-ion battery testing journey? Need clarity on how to address multiple testing needs? Read Agilent's introductory guide to mineral, processing, cell component, and leak testing solutions and set your lab up for success.

Experience Our Improved Online Resource for Conserving Helium or Converting to an Alternative Carrier Gas

Visit our redesigned web page for GC and GC/MS users who want to save helium or switch to hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas. Content is organized into topic areas, making it easier to access and read the information that is most interesting and relevant to you. More literature and educational materials have been added to help you implement either approach and an FAQ section provides answers to common questions.

Featured Training & Events

Climbing the peaks of GC intelligence: Discover the smart new features in Agilent GCs

Remote connectivity has been made easier with the introduction of a mobile phone interface and the Intuvo GC and 8890 GC have new peak evaluation and enhanced diagnostic features and on-board guided troubleshooting

GC & GC/MS Webinars

Register for upcoming live GC Chemistries and Supplies Webinars and view recordings of past webinars Gas Chromatography Lab Supplies

Intuvo Gas Chromatography Webinars

Webinars demonstrate how the ultra-fast, intelligent Intuvo 9000 GC can improve lab productivity across a variety of application areas.

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