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Liner O-Rings for GC

Liner O-Rings for GC

A liner O-ring provides a gas-tight seal between the outside of the inlet liner and the weldment when the retaining nut is engaged. Also called a GC sealing O-ring, Agilent liner O-rings are a necessary component for both of the standard Agilent split/splitless and Multi-Mode Gas Chromatography (GC) inlets. Agilent offers a standard fluorocarbon O-ring compatible with most applications, and a graphite O-ring for inlet temperatures that exceed 350 °C.

Agilent fluorocarbon (FKM) GC sealing O-rings are preconditioned to limit the outgassing of trace-level contaminants. The Agilent FKM O-ring features a unique, proprietary plasma-polymerization process. The treatment provides improved chemical stability and a low-friction, nonstick surface without impacting elasticity. This novel process ensures that the inlet liner O-ring can retain its form factor through multiple temperature cycles as well as easy removal during maintenance.

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