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Inlet Liners, O-Rings & Seals for Agilent and Third-Party GCs

Agilent offers a wide range of gas chromatography (GC) inlet liners, O-rings and injector port seals that work in synchrony to ensure proper volatilization of your sample and the subsequent introduction of analytes onto the column.

The Agilent GC liner isolates the sample-flow path from the metal walls of the injector block. Variable GC inlet liner geometry and packing materials characterize sample volatilization. Proper inlet liner selection is crucial to ensure all analytes of interest are rapidly vaporized and transferred to the analytical column without unanticipated interactions or degradation resulting in inlet discrimination. Agilent offers a variety of gas chromatography inlet liners for every Agilent inlet configuration: S/SL, MMI, PTV, HS, etc.

The Agilent Inlet Liner O-Ring is fundamental to forming a proper seal around the outside of the inlet liner between the inlet weldment and turn-top. These seals are intended to isolate the carrier and spilt flow from other instrument flow paths. Agilent’s patented plasma-coating process facilitates the formation of barrier layers that better protect the base elastomer material preventing any adhesion to the inlet weldment.

Agilent Gold Inlet Seal with proprietary UI deactivation offers a leak-free connection at the base of the injection port and further prevents the loss of active analytes due to adsorption or decomposition during sample vaporization. The outer soft gold plating ensures a proper mechanical seal without damaging the interfacing inlet hardware or adjacent inlet liner.

Use the 'GC Inlet Liner Selector Tool' below to find the right inlet liner for your different instrument and method.

Inlet Liners for Gas Chromatography

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