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PLRP-S for Biomolecules HPLC Columns

PLRP-S HPLC Column Portfolio

PLRP-S for Biomolecules HPLC Columns

The PLRP-S media is available in a range of pore sizes and particle sizes all with identical chemistry and retention characteristics, making it ideal for small molecule, synthetic biomolecule, and macromolecule purification.

The inherently hydrophobic chemistry of the polystyrene/divinylbenzene (PS/DVB) particles means there is no bonded phase required for reversed-phase separations, which makes it a highly reproducible material that is also free from silanols and heavy metal ions. Within the extensive product range are columns suitable for analytical separations, and preparative purifications. Their thermal and chemical stability makes them ideal for purifications that require extreme conditions for sample preparation, compound elution, and column regeneration.

With a wide choice of pore sizes and extended range of operating conditions, PLRP-S provides more options to achieve the optimum separations. Particle sizes range from 3 μm to 50 μm for scale-up from the μg/mg discovery stage to multi-kg cGMP production. Excellent chemical stability, up to 1 M NaOH, permits sanitation and regeneration that increase column lifetime. PLRP-S media batch sizes of up to 600 L are available, providing single batch packing of multiple columns.

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