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Biomolecule Sample Preparation

Biomolecule Sample Preparation for Protein or Oligonucleotide Analysis

Sample preparation is key to getting the most out of your protein or oligonucleotide analysis. Agilent has a solution whether you need to purify a monoclonal antibody from cell culture media, or clean up a formulated protein or oligonucleotide. Removing excess salt or incompatible matrix components both improves data quality and protects your instrumentation.

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Quick and Efficient Sample Cleanup for Biomolecule Analysis

Quick and efficient sample cleanup for biomolecule analysis using AdvanceBio spin cartridges and Gly-X InstantPC labeling

Fast and Simple Sample Preparation for Biomolecules - AdvanceBio Spin columns

Agilent AdvanceBio Spin columns are designed for use with a centrifuge, and samples are ready for analysis in just 10 to 15 minutes.

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Agilent Launches New AdvanceBio Spin Columns For Desalting and Buffer Exchange

AdvanceBio Spin Columns address the need for efficient sample preparation of proteins or oligonucleotides under aqueous conditions, preserving native structure with suitable ionic strength and pH. Users can easily and quickly remove excess salts or undesired small molecules from their sample matrix or exchange the sample matrix between different buffer conditions. These gel-filtration-based spin columns are available in analytical and semipreparative scale columns for single samples, as well as 96-sample plates for high-throughput settings.

Quick and Efficient Sample Cleanup for Biomolecule Analysis

Learn how to use centrifugation with gel filtration cartridges for sample cleanup. This approach is a rapid, convenient, straight-forward technique that can be used to easily avoid the problems associated with analysis of formulated monoclonal antibodies.

Agilent Wins Multiple 2022 Scientists' Choice Awards

Agilent received two 2022 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Drug Discovery & Development, Virtual Event of the Year and Innovative Content of the Year, at the SLAS2022 International Conference & Exhibition on February 7th, 2022. The Scientists’ Choice Awards recognize the world’s most innovative and effective analytical science technologies and communications.

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