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ZORBAX GF-250/450 SEC Columns

Zorbax GF-250 SEC Columns

ZORBAX GF-250/450 SEC Columns

Agilent ZORBAX GF-250 and GF-450 size exclusion (gel filtration) columns are for size separations of proteins and other biomolecules. The separation range is 4,000-900,000 for globular proteins when using GF-250 and GF-450 columns in series.

The GF-250/GF-450 size exclusion columns have a hydrophilic diol bonded phase for high recovery of proteins (typically >90%) and a unique zirconia modification of the silica for a pH operating range from 3-8. The GF-250 and GF-450 columns are packed with precisely sized porous silica microspheres with narrow pore size and particle size distributions.

The result is a column that can be used for both analytical and preparative separations of proteins with flow rates of up to 3 mL/min. These columns are compatible with organic modifiers (<25%) and denaturants in the mobile phase to reduce protein aggregation.

Common applications include separations of protein monomers, dimers and aggregates, desalting, protein molecular weight estimation and separations of modified proteins.

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