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Improve and streamline RNA or DNA based applications

Automated Electrophoresis Nucleic acid analysis solutions
Nucleic acid analysis solutions to improve and streamline RNA or DNA based applications

Nucleic acids are an essential component of life on earth, and as such, research on, and involving, nucleic acids has blossomed over the past century and a half. Applications including: genomic DNA, next-generation sequencing, and RNA have become commonplace in laboratories around the world.

The Agilent Automated Electrophoresis portfolio provides accurate sample quality control of nucleic acids for a multitude of applications.

Cell-free DNA

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is of increasing interest to clinicians and researchers alike as a promising biomarker for various disease states. cfDNA requires rigorous assessment of quality prior to use in NGS workflows to ensure successful sequencing results. Agilent provides solutions to reliably quantify, size, and qualify your cfDNA fragments.

Genomic DNA

An accurate understanding of genomic DNA quality, quantity, and size is important for numerous methodologies including evaluating isolation success and NGS. Agilent provides multiple methods for evaluating the quantity, quality, and size of gDNA to help researchers succeed.

Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS library quality control (QC) is essential to the generation of successful sequencing results. Agilent provides several solutions to deal with the QC challenges of various types of NGS libraries, from short-read to longread sequencing platforms, ChIPseq, RNA-seq, and beyond.


Active in myriad biological processes, RNA is the target of many applications, from microarrays to NGS. With diverse types of RNA - small RNA, mRNA, rRNA, and more - unique analytic challenges are posed. Agilent has several solutions for the quantification, qualification, and sizing of RNA samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.