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MAQ Design

Your personal tool for MAQ analysis

We developed the MAQ Design assay service to assist you in developing a personal MAQ assay to analyze your CNV region of interest, via our free design interface. Through this interface you access our primer design technology, by entering the human genomic region of interest (min 30 Kb). The system will generate a maximum of 5 primer pairs which you order with your preferred supplier.

How does MAQ Design work?:
  1. Enter the genomic region of interest in the MAQ Design interface
  2. You receive an e-mail containing the primer sequences for your target amplicons which you can order with your preferred oligo provider
  3. Order the MAQ Design Assays from Multiplicom
  4. Mix your custom target primers with the MAQ Design control primers, add 20-50 ng of purified sample DNA and run the Multiplex PCR.
  5. Perform fragment analysis and import the raw data into our MAQ-S software. The comparison of normalized peak areas between the target amplicons and control amplicons results in a dosage quotient, indicating the copy number of the target amplicons

REMARK : NCBI build 37.1 is used for this interface Use following link to do the conversion from build 36.1 to build 37.1: