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Amplicon-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Library Prep Target Enrichment

Agilent’s amplicon-based technologies for target enrichment and amplification include HaloPlex / HaloPlexHS and  SureMASTR. Both technologies offer target enrichment solutions for NGS with speed, accuracy, and sensitivity. HaloPlexHS is a high-sensitivity, amplicon-based targeted sequencing method that incorporates molecular barcodes in the DNA library. Agilent’s SureMASTR technology is based on multiplex PCR and amplifies multiple genomic targets through a simple PCR experiment. Agilent offers other hybridization-based target enrichment technology options, also, for finding specific regions-of-interest.

Amplicon Amplification Assay

NGS Amplicon Amplification Assay amplifies multiple genomic targets through a simple PCR operation.

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Amplicon Target Capture Kits

NGS Amplicon Target Capture Kits with Molecular Barcodes Enables Accurate Detection of Rare Alleles