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Amplicon Amplification Assay

NGS Amplicon Amplification Assay amplifies multiple genomic targets through a simple PCR operation.

Agilent’s SureMASTR (Multiplex Amplification of Specific Targets for Resequencing) offers multiplexed PCR primer mixes with a unique primer design algorithm, enabling enhanced target amplification of DNA. Agilent offers a rapid and straightforward workflow requiring just 3.5 hours of hands-on time and no prior NGS experience. There are pre-mixed, ready-to-use PCR primers for amplifying target DNA sequences within a standard NGS library, and deep sequencing based on as low as 4 ng of DNA. SureMASTR assays also feature Intelligent primer design to reduce amplicon drop-outs from primer-interfering population SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), and variant detection down to 5% allele frequency. The dedicated MASTR Reporter software ensures the correct analysis of results and enables monitoring the quality of results down to the smallest detail to offer a complete workflow from sample to report.

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