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Magnis Software Download Page

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your Magnis system’s software with a USB Disk:

To view the full list of changes in the latest software release, see the Release Notes.

  • Download and save Magnis software v1.2 to a USB stick. The file name is “Release_1.2.2103.1101”.
  • Insert the USB disk into an available USB port at the front of the instrument.
  • From the home screen, press Settings.
  • Press Firmware Update.
  • Select USB Disk.
  • In the browser, select
  • Press Update.
  • The system will begin the update process. When the process is complete, the system automatically reboots with the new firmware version on the touchscreen.
  • Once the update is complete, please ensure the time zone is correct, and adjust it if it is reset after the system upgrade.

Magnis Software Download

Version 1.2 ( latest)