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Agilent Official WeChat Accounts

Agilent official WeChat accounts provide up-to-date information about Agilent’s products, solutions, services, and applications along with industry trends and hot topics. Local news, events, promotional activities, and job posting are at your fingertips. Let Agilent be your trusted partner for better scientific insights.

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Agilent Products & Solution  - Official Subscription Account
Agilent Products & Solution keeps you informed about Agilent’s newest breakthrough science and technology. You can learn about how Agilent’s products and solutions can help you deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results while maximizing your instrument uptime. You can be apprised of industry trends, market intelligence, and hot topics in life science, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets in China.

Agilent Service  - Official Service Account
Agilent Service offers knowledge sharing on instrument maintenance, troubleshooting tips and tricks, and applications. You can contact Agilent staff directly for service requests and service support via WeChat or call 400-820-3278 (mobile phone) and 800-820-3278 (desk phone).

Agilent China  - Subscription Account
Agilent China shares Agilent news, culture, careers, and community relationships.