Supplier Environmental, Health & Safety

Agilent strives to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and is committed to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We support all laws, policies, permits and regulations as they relate to protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of our operations around the world. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objectives and is essential to continued business success. Agilent is also committed to providing healthy and safe work environments and processes that enable our people to work injury and illness free while acting in an environmentally responsible manner. To meet policy requirements, Agilent informs suppliers, and contractors of Agilent's environmental, health and safety principles and require them to adopt practices aligned with these expectations. Suppliers need to comply with all applicable environmental, health & safety laws rules and regulations.

  • Supplier shall have a documented Environmental Management System or program in place that is aligned to ISO 14001 or similar; and Health and Safety Management System or program that is aligned to ISO 45001 or similar. 

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