Environmental Health and Safety

Our EHS management system is designed to minimize adverse environmental and occupational health and safety impacts, ensure ongoing compliance with external regulations and internal EHS standards, and meeting evolving needs of our stakeholders.

ISO 14001 and Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS)

Agilent operates under a companywide Environmental, Health and Safety Management System that applies to Agilent design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales and service operations worldwide.

The purpose of Agilent's EHSMS is to implement the Environmental Health and Safety Policy. The EHSMS provides a framework for Agilent's business operations to make decisions regarding their Environmental, Health and Safety activities in response to changing internal and external factors. The EHSMS is supported by key processes focused on planning, implementation, and operation, checking and corrective action, and management review.

Agilent achieved ISO 14001 registration of our company-wide EHSMS and our manufacturing sites under a single certificate in April 2001. Our single certificate enables us to more efficiently conduct the independent audits required to register and maintain certification at our manufacturing sites.

ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard and registration is recognized internationally as demonstration that a company is effective in managing its impact on the environment. The registration is granted by third party reviewers under guidelines administered by ISO. The standard is consistent with the concept of sustainable development and stresses continual improvement.

Supplier Environmental and Social Responsibility

Agilent informs suppliers of our Supplier Requirements and requires them to adopt management practices aligned with these expectations. Agilent also conducts Responsible Sourcing Assessment Surveys with select suppliers to assess compliance with Environmental and Social responsibility expectations.

Product Environmental Management

Agilent aims to minimize environmental impact of our products and their packaging. We are committed to conforming with applicable regulations related to the Restricted Substances in Products. When you decide you no longer need a product, Agilent will take it back for reuse or ensure it is properly recycled. For more information go to Agilent's Product Take-Back program.

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