Agilent Suppliers

Agilent’s relationships with suppliers are of great strategic importance. Common sense, good judgement, and the highest standards of integrity are what we use in working with suppliers. Agilent expects its suppliers to act with uncompromising integrity and follow all appropriate global and regional laws and regulations. This also includes all Agilent policies and programs that are aligned to these requirements. Working together we can achieve strong a working relationship and meet compliance requirements together.

Our values form the foundation of how we work with customers, suppliers and competitors. Ethical behavior, honesty and adherence to laws are the hallmarks of how we operate. This is an absolute at Agilent; there is no room for compromise.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct reviews Agilent’s supplier requirements and expectations. The document also gives a brief overview of Agilent’s core values and highlights key elements of our Standards of Business Conduct.

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Code of Conduct

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