Agilent Corporate Citizenship Report 2015


Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Agilent is committed to providing healthy and safe work environments and processes that enable our people to work injury and illness free while acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more at Environmental Health and Safety Policy .

Human Rights and Labor Policy

Agilent conducts business with uncompromising integrity and promotes human rights within the company's sphere of influence. Learn more at Agilent's Human Rights and Labor Policy.

Employee Volunteerism Policy

Agilent employees may use up to four hours of company time per month, with manager approval, to work on company supported or sponsored community activities. Learn more at Agilent's Volunteer Policy.

Employee Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Work/Life Balance

Agilent applies a range of policies, programs, and practices to promote diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and work/life balance, including:

  • Nondiscrimination policy
  • Accessibility policy
  • Education assistance program
  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee network group guidelines
  • Balanced approach between campus recruiting and experienced hiring
  • Harassment-free work environment
  • Flexible and part-time work schedules when possible
  • Learn more at Agilent's Human Rights and Labor Policy.

    Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

    Our Supplier Code of Conduct Policy states that we will not establish or maintain a business relationship with a supplier if we believe that its practices violate local laws or basic international principles relating to human rights, anti-corruption, bribery, labor standards, or environmental protection. We expect our suppliers, and their suppliers, to adhere to environmental and social responsibility principles that are similar to those valued in Agilent.

    Quality Policy

    Agilent earns customer loyalty by providing products and services of the highest quality and greatest value. Learn more at Agilent Quality Policy.

    Privacy Principles

    Agilent is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy and personal information of customers, employees, and partners. Learn more at Agilent Privacy Statement

    Political Activities

    Agilent contributes to dialogue and decision-making on public policies affecting the company, our employees, and operations. In 2015, Agilent provided no financial or in-kind contributions to political parties.

    Anti-Corruption Policy

    One of Agilent's most important company assets is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty, and fair dealing. Agilent's anti-corruption policy incorporates the common elements of anti-corruption laws and regulations worldwide that apply to Agilent's business. Learn more at Global Anti-Corruption Policy.

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