Information on Mercury

Certain products sold by Agilent contain liquid crystal displays (LCDs). These LCDs can either be embedded within an Agilent manufactured device, or can be sold as a standalone monitor/display which accompanies an Agilent device or system. Certain LCDs use a mercury lamp for backlighting purposes. Mercury lamps are integral to the energy efficiency performance of this type of display, and have therefore been widely exempt from regulations restricting the use of mercury. Work is underway by LCD manufacturers to move towards alternative technologies such as LED (light emitting diodes), which are absent mercury.

In the meantime, Agilent would like to remind customers who purchase such items of the presence of mercury in certain Agilent products, which requires care at the end of life of such equipment. Devices which contain mercury should be recycled by an electronics recycler and should not be disposed in a municipal waste landfill. Qualified recyclers within certain regions can be found at the Agilent country-level Takeback website (select your country of interest).

To determine whether your Agilent product contains mercury, perform a search, using your product number, on the Agilent material safety data sheet (MSDS) website. The search results will contain a mercury MSDS if mercury is contained in your Agilent product.

In the event that you have occasion to handle or otherwise be exposed to a mercury lamp, please follow all necessary safeguards to avoid both contact with mercury and the release of mercury into the environment. If mercury exposure occurs, please reference the "Information for Consumers" portion of the U.S. EPA website, or the Agilent mercury MSDS Additional information can also be obtained at the following websites:

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