Welcome to Agilent's Product Take-back Website

Agilent aims to minimize the environmental impact of its products and operations. Reuse programs are offered for selected Agilent products, which address the requirements posed by the European WEEE (Waste from Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Directive. If you are an Agilent customer located in an EU or EEA member state, this site gives specific information on local take-back recycling programs available to you which meet the WEEE Directive requirements in your country. Additional information is also offered on this website on regions outside the EU.

Selected Test and Measurement products are candidates for each of the following alternatives:

  • Trade up for next-generation technology
  • Trade in for a different product or Agilent service
  • Sell off your equipment for cash

Per nuclear regulatory requirements, Agilent also accepts the return of all Agilent or HP Electron Capture Detectors. For more information on ECD take back specific to your country, please contact your local distributor or Agilent representative.

For additional product takeback information specific to your country, select "Take-back instructions" and locate your region of interest. If your country is not listed, please contact your local distributor or Agilent representative.

Note: For Agilent products which are considered contaminated, follow all instructions provided by your local recycler.

Thank you for your interest in ensuring your Agilent product is handled effectively at the end of its useful life.