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Vacuum in Research & Development

Vacuum in Research & Development

Advanced UHV performance, speed and integrity from the market-leading Ion Pump inventor.

Agilent has over 50 years of expertise in the manufacture of high and ultra-high vacuum pumping equipment, for a range of applications including high energy physics, particle acceleration and surface science. Since 1967 our pumps have been used by CERN to clean, dry vacuum suitable for some of the most demanding particle physics experiments ever undertaken, including the recent identification of the Higgs Boson.

Our manufacturing experts deliver technological solutions that set the standard for UHV performance, with unique hydrogen and noble gas pumping solutions and the widest pumping speed range available, from 0.2 to 2500 l/s. One of the major challenges in UHV technology is the evacuation of light gases such as hydrogen, and our advanced high and ultra-high vacuum pumps have also been designed to generate the highest hydrogen pumping speeds commercially available.

In addition, superior application control is enabled through the 4UHV Controller that can power, control and monitor up to 4 separate ion pumps independently, and we also offer a suite of primary and medium vacuum pumps for additional applications.