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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Leak Detection for Power Generation

Preventing or mitigating such leaks relies on accurate and early detection, and helium mass spectrometer leak detection is a recommended application that provides the sensitivity and efficiency required for a variety of gas leaks. However, steam turbines are challenging environments for conventional leak detection technologies – the high temperatures not only make it difficult to get direct results, but can also easily cause significant damage to sensitive leak detector components.

As a solution to these issues, the Agilent VS Harsh Environment (HE) Probe can be inserted directly into the high temperature vapor stream to enable helium mass spectrometer leak detection. Combined with a standard Agilent VS Leak Detector configuration, the direct measurement technique enabled by the probe gives more accurate results while also preventing the leak detector from being damaged or degraded.

The HE probe does not require dryers, chillers, a secondary vacuum pump, or throttling valves in order to sample in wet, high-temperature environments, and is protected with corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing.

The potential return on investment on a steam turbine of even low capacity can be significant, and in some systems the HE probe has been shown to pay for itself after a single use.

Agilent provides a range of services for the technology, including specialist training and dedicated support to help turbine operators realize the full value of their investment, and ensure the stability and performance of their equipment.