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The pharmaceutical industry faces constant challenges, as business, science, and regulatory pressures evolve and collide. From personalized medicine, to CROs, the process of bringing drugs to market today is dramatically different than it was ten years ago. What will it look like ten years from now?

The solution lies in finding effective ways to minimize risks and identify winners early on. At Agilent Technologies, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of measurement platforms to help you achieve exactly that. From routine evaluation to the most critical assessments, we believe that companies need more than just answers—they need answers that help them make smarter decisions about what comes next.

Rather than be daunted by these challenges, at Agilent, we have a different idea: what if we simply get better at revealing the path to success?


Fast, Accurate Analysis of Chemicals in Production, Application and Crop Testing

Basic & Fine Chemicals

Sensitive, Cost Effective Analysis for Product Quality, Performance and Safety

Flavors & Fragrances

Fast, Sensitive Analysis for Product Quality and Formulation